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Automatic Cookie Depositors, Ovens And Egg Breaker Machines

We are a supplier of professional bakery and restaurant machines based in Miami Beach, Florida. We carry equipment from top European and American manufacturers. Our product portfolio consists of:

Egg Crackers

Centrifugal egg crackers which crack eggs, blend, and separate liquid egg from eggshells.

Egg Separators

Automatic egg breakers which crack eggs and separate egg yolks from whites.

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Nationwide Shipping

We deliver to any place in the continental US & Canada within 5 business days.

Best Quality

All of our machines are made out of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Best Offers

As the exclusive distributor, we offer the best prices in the country.

Secure Payments

We accept payments by all major credit cards, checks, ACH and wires.