Zummo Z14 Nature citrus juicer

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The Zummo Z14 Nature citrus juicer will be a perfect fit for locations with a medium-high consumption needs in the range of 50-100 juices per day.


The Zummo Z14 Nature citrus juicer will be a perfect fit for locations with a high consumption needs in the range of 50-100 juices per day, such as such as restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hotels, shops.

The Zummo Z14 Nature citrus juicer is the right equipment for businesses registering a high juice consumption. Additional autonomy can be obtained thanks to its large basket and waste bins, which is a key aspect for buffets, restaurants and the retail sector.

Technical specification:

    • Fruits per minute: 16
    • Bin capacity: 3.7 gal (2 x 1.85 gal)
    • Dimensions: 32.32”(h) x 18.82”(w) x 18.66”(l)
    • Weight: 143 lbs
    • Basket capacity: 20 lbs / optional 35 lbs
    • Feeder capacity: 3.3 lbs
    • Squeezing kits: S (1.77″- 2.44″) M (2.16”-2.95”) L (2.75”-3.54”)
    • Safety: blocking sensors
    • Programmer: yes
    • Recommended fruits: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, pomelos, pomegranates
    • Containers available in 4 colors: black, brown, orange, beige
    • Certifications: NSF, ETL

Product features:

      • EVS®Advanced
        Unique vertical juice extraction system; a Zummo exclusive. Based on manual juice extraction system it achieves maximum profitability, obtaining the purest possible juice with the greatest operational functionality.
      • Juice extraction kits
        The different-sized juice extraction kits help to maximise the yield of the juice extracted from the fruit depending on its diameter. Easily identifiable thanks to the characteristic color of each range:
        Medium (M): Orange; Large (L): Maroon; Optional- Small (S): Grey.
      • Automatic filter
        Comprised of a belt that starts to move when the juice extraction starts up, sweeping away the seeds and pulp that remain in the filter: greater juice extraction performance and greater autonomy.
      • Standard contact sensor
        The machine automatically starts up when the Contact sensor, included as standard equipment, detects the oranges on the ramp. It will also stop automatically when there are no oranges on the ramp, at which time the juicer goes into standby mode.
      • Basket available in two sizes
        The machine includes a 20 lbs capacity basket as standard equipment. In those cases when an increase in the juicer’s autonomy is required, there is an optional basket with load capacity of up to 35 lbs of fruit.


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