Duomax M400 cookie depositor

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The Duomax M400 compact cookie depositor, thanks to its small footprint and a wide variety of cookies it can produce, is a perfect solution for baking cakes consisting of up to two ingredients at a reasonable price.

The DUOMAX M400 compact cookie depositor is equipped with two hoppers for dough (e.g. two colors) or 1-color dough + filling. This set also includes a forming slat with rotation of six forming nozzles. Thanks to the wide selection of forming nozzles (plastic and brass) we can get cookies of various shapes and textures. Additionally, we are able to create new designs according to customer needs.

Belt conveyor is designed to work with baking trays 15.75 in [400 mm] width and length 15.75-32.5 in [400-800 mm].

The machine head is made of one block of material, which provides stability during operation. Thanks to properly designed channels in the head, the dough does not come across flat surfaces reducing “flow”. Bigger forming rollers (4.5 in [115 mm] in diameter) with longitudinal grooves  allow to work at a lower speed, so there is no effect of dough over mixing. The special shape of the channels in the head-mounted slats reduces the pressure in the head, thanks to which the dough passes precisely to the forming nozzles and makes the product repeatable.

The machine uses a head lifting system based on an eccentric (does not require lubrication), with digital adjustment of lifting and lowering (production of variable height cookies).

A significant part of the machine covers is made of transparent material, which, apart from the basic safety function, facilitates the control of the production process and gives the machine a visual “lightness”.

The device is controlled by a convenient, movable LCD panel, equipped with a multilingual user interface, with the possibility of  saving settings + online diagnostics and parameter control via WiFi.

The machine is made of certified AISI 304 stainless steel. Its construction and materials provide high stability and accuracy during production. Gear boxes, servo drives, motors and control systems – allow the machine to work in a continuous mode with high productivity.

DUOMAX M400 compact cookie depositor meets all standards for safety and energy efficiency.

If you are looking for an even smaller machine, make sure to check out our countertop Baby Maxdrop 400 portable cookie dough depositor.

Also, make sure to check out our MAX universal cookie depositor, which, thanks to its modular design, can be purchased in its basic two dough tank setup, and can be then progressively upgraded as the bakery expands its portfolio.


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